About Us

Zhi Cheng International Co., Ltd. is an independent company that branched out from a trading company with 30 years of operation experience, specialized in professional import of pipe fittings, and in operation for more than 30 years in Taiwan, started out importing cast iron pipe fittings (Malleable Iron Pipe Fittings) as early as 1990, now has abundant experience in importing trade. Although the general thinking is that products from Mainland China are cheap and poor quality, in fact, it is not the case; the real issue is that lack of quality control by importers. In contrast, Zhi Cheng has plenty of experience in this area as we often visit, inspect and compare the factories and has accumulated a lot of procurement experience and professionalism, capable of providing strict checking and controlling for the Taiwan Construction Metal Hardware Industry securely and dependably.
In addition to the Jianzhi Brand - Cast Iron Pipe Fittings (Taiwan Area Premium Dealer), the types of products imported by Zhi Cheng International also include Carbon Steel Welded Pipe Fittings, Iron NIPPLES, Weldable Seamless Pipe Fittings Female Iron Joint, 304 Stainless Steel Weldable Straight Seam Pipe Fittings Female Joint, Rubber Shockproof Joint, etc. We also developed our own mold tools: Aluminum Alloy (A356) EMT Bender and Ductile Iron Bender (for 2606 Steel Pipes) and other tools. We have become one of the best quality importers in the country; with business scale no less than the domestic manufacturing factories. We sincerely hope for the support and encouragements from all predecessors of industries.
We will continue to uphold our business philosophy dependability and integrity; and continue to import high quality products to meet your expectation!!!